Campaigning on Behalf

of Britain's Family Farms

Osborne Newton, Aveton Gifford, Kingsbridge, Tel: 01548 852794,


About us


Welcome to the website of the Family Farmers’ Association. Our purpose is to promote family farming – the Family Farmers’ Association has been fighting for the survival of civilised farming on family farms since 1979. Family farmers produce significant quantities of high quality food, while caring for the countryside. They enrich rural communities, because family farming involves a lot of country people. They are an endangered species.


We Lobby:


  •         The government
  •         MPs
  •         Parliamentary Committees
  •         NGOs



We Advocate:


  •         Protection from imported food produced in ways that are unacceptable and illegal in the UK
  •         Substantial help for new entrants to farming, coupled with an early retirement scheme
  •         A progressive reduction in the rate of a farm’s subsidy entitlement as its size increases

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